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General Description :

This is premium wood has a very classy texture and shade. It performs well with all carpentry application and gets a much enhanced look on polishing. They come in long forms and cut to size section. Teak wood has very less dimensional change to drying.

Main Uses :

Furniture, flooring, doors ,frames, architectural interiors, high class interior joinery and moldings, kitchen cabinets, paneling and furniture parts.

General Description :

The sapwood is creamy white and may be streaked with the heartwood varying from pale yellowish brown to olive green. Pine wood is a versatile timber, easy to machine, plane, turn, glue and bore. Its holds paint and stain exceptionally well.

Main Uses :

Light Construction furniture, interior joinery, kitchen cabinets, doors, paneling, moldings, edge-glued panels, turning and carvings.

General Description :

This is a artificial wood and it's a origin of India. The sapwood of kaashtha wood is light reddish brown and its hard wood. Kaashtha wood widely used in all architectural interiors.

Main Uses :

Cabinet Making, furniture part, doors, interior joinery, strips and moldings, turnings and rail ties, veneered paneling. Good substitute for dark woods when stained.

General Description :

The heart wood of decorative wood has a fine uniform straight grain, smooth texture and may naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gun pockets. Decorative wood is very good at machining, mailing, screwing, gluing and finishing.

Main Uses :

Furniture, Cabinet making, moldings, railings, high class joinery, turning and decorative carvings, contrast to lighter species.

  1. Century Architect Ply :

    Architectply is a super-premium product from the house of CENTURYPLY. It is made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with an unextended phenol-formaldehyde resin. This clubbed with the revolutionary GLP technology makes it 100% resistant to borers and termites. It also undergoes pre-pressing that ensures homogeneous spread of moisture thus making it warp free. Besides having a higher face thickness and no core gaps, this product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  2. Century PF ( Club Prime) :

    CenturyPLY always believes in providing more value for money. Our Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) range of plywood has been designed keeping your needs in mind. A unique, one-of-its-kind product that is manufactured by pre-pressing a breakthrough technology where each veneer is treated with special preservatives prior to pressing, ensuring uniform distribution of moisture and adhesive making it immune to high temperatures as well as increasing its quality and capability. The unique GLP (Glue Line Protection) formula renders borer and termite proof capabilities to every ply. It comes with a 7 year, worry-free guarantee.

  3. Kleanwud :

    Kleanwud plywood have minimum emissions of Formaldehyde, a gas that can cause potential hazards for you and your family. So go ahead and build your dream home with all the furniture, doors, shelves and partitions without a care in the world. Your kids will grow up in a hazard free environment where they can breathe safe ever after.

  4. Century Sainik MR Ply :

    Sainik Plywood, from the house of CENTURYPLY is produced from the rotary-cut, smooth veneers sourced from specially selected eco-friendly timber. It's medium and high density layers of plywood ensure better bonding. Additionally, Sainik is dimensionally stable with lesser susceptibility to weather variance. It is bonded with Melamine fortified Urea Formaldehyde synthetic adhesive which resuits better strength & low toxic emission, making Sainik the best and most economical purchase among panels in this category.

  5. Century Sainik PF Ply :

    Sainik BWR Grane Plywood is boiling water resistant plywood. It is manufactured using smooth, rotary and tight cut veneers obtained from eco-friendly timber. These veneers are the bonded with Modified Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Adhesive. Sainik plywood has alternative cores that render cushioning effect and better bonding capabilities to the plywood.

  6. Century Technopine :

    Specially chosen, imported pine wood is used to create Technopine. This is done in a completely automated, hi-tech facility where there is no room for error. The result is a 100% precision oriented, re-engineered wooden medium that has strength and variety of applications. Technopine is brought to you by CENTURYPLY, one of the leading manufacturers of wooden building and decorative materials in India.

  7. Century 710 + :

    Imagine a plywood as versatile as you. Presenting CENTURYPLY Marine Grade, with better multi-tasking abilities than an ordinary ply to suit different climatic conditions. Bonded with undiluted PF (Phenol Formaldehyde) resins, it can withstand alternate drying and wetting and other temperature variations. Every ply is made from imported Dipterocarpus STT timber, which is equally effective in keeping fishing boats safe from insects and deadly aquatic organisms.

There are TWO Types of CPL Products available;

1) CPL Gold
BWP Marine Grade - IS:710

2) CPL Silver
BWR Grade - IS:303

CPL Marine Plywood is manufactured from imported Gurjan (i.e the logs are 80-90 year matured) timber bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde resin conforming to IS : 848-1974. It is pressed under high pressure and temperature, treated with specific preservatives of high retention conforming to IS : 5539-1969.
CPL Marine Plywood is therefore boiling water proof at 100* for 108 hrs.- dimensionally stable and ideal for long lasting service.

Marine Plywood can withstand rigorous climatic conditions, alternate dry and wet weather. It is also termite resistant, borer & Powder proof.

Structurally strong, dimensionally stable and long lasting, the product can be used separately under varying climatic conditions.

High quality, trouble free performance and durability of paramount plywood & block boards : Free From Wood Destroying Organism :- Paramount fully protected from powder, borer and Termites by use of special chemical treatments and R & D formulated bonding glue.

ISI Marked :- All paramount products, be its MR Grade plywood and Block Board, BWR Grade plywood and Block board have the prestigious ISI certification. In fact, Knight Rider Products exceed the standards set by ISI.

VAASTU products are manufactured with Gurjan wood, is found in Indonesia, Burma and Malaysia. Known for its density and flexibility, it is much stronger than species like poplar, safeda, mango rubber etc. Gurjan wood has a unique property of being resistant against termite and borer and has a long life.

Decorative Veneer (IS: 1328) BWR Grade

Decorative Veneer is the first and only BWR grade decorative veneer in India. The decorative veneer layer is bonded to the BWR grade mat by new generation melamine formaldehyde impregnated film. This makes the product withstand the extremes of any climatic conditions. Available in the largest range of exotic species, in India, hand picked from Europe, Africa and America

Natural Veneers: For Natural veneer series, logs are sourced from all over the world. The logs are cut into fleech, boiled and steamed as part of the process. Further, it is sliced and dried, splicing jointing takes place. Veneers are jointed to either book match or slip match.

Smoke Veneers : These veneers are treated with special treatment through smoke process to make trendy dark shades. No matter what kind of furniture you want, only Smoke veneers can give the required artistic touch to stand out.

Dyed Veneers: These veneers are treated to suit the décor or taste of an individual. The veneer colours can be made uniform by this processing. Dyed veneers are available in various species. Dyed veneers add beauty and enhances value.

Registered Embossed Veneers : Latest innovation, first time in India by Timex, with extra deep surface that go with the natural veins.

Inspiration by nature - Innovation by design. creates fine wooden surfaces with an entirely new look that has not been available until now. Available in over 100 of designs using combination of different species of veneers. Different shades and patterns can be formed.

Natural Veneers: For Natural veneer series, logs are sourced from all over the world. The logs are cut into fleech, boiled and steamed as part of the process. Further, it is sliced and dried, splicing jointing takes place. Veneers are jointed to either book match or slip match.

Smoke Veneers : These veneers are treated with special treatment through smoke process to make trendy dark shades. No matter what kind of furniture you want, only smoke veneers can give the required artistic touch to stand out.

Dyed Veneers: These veneers are treated to suit the décor or taste of an individual. The veneer colours can be made uniform by this processing. Dyed veneers are available in various species. Dyed veneers add beauty and enhances value.

Registered Embossed Veneers : Latest innovation, first time in India by, with extra deep surface that go with the natural veins.

Laminate 2000 is a unique high pressure laminate having surface wear resistance of minimum 2000 cycles. These are ideal for counter tops, restaurant table tops and other places where high abrasion resistance is required.

Laminates uses a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion. Laminates's exotic range of decorative laminates is characterized by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates available in the market today.

By using latest manufacturing processes and ultramodern machinery plus best of the raw material available in the market, the company has been successful in manufacturing the products which are better from most in the market and well accepted in homes, offices, industries and commercial establishments. The Mica sheets offered by us are the combination of beautiful,versatile and innovative laminates.

Metal has been an integral part of human existence since centuries from now. The world has gone Metallic over the years and this metal is being successfully used by us in one form or the other to our advantage and benefits.

Today, our metal laminates are a cut above the rest, with unique quality and innovative designs. Rich experience and co-operation from National and International Designers, Architects & Artists has made them stand apart with an exclusive range of breathtaking designs. We are committed to qualitative innovation and giving the best of metal laminates to the world in general.

Metallino are a modern, selective and breathtaking range of imported high pressure Metal Laminates which features an array of designs, in polished and brushed finishes. In Metalino there are also various embossed surfaces in a wide assortment of designs &colour combination.

Sheraflexy board :

Shera reciting the green concept, offers contemporary and versatile products for ceiling. Partitions, Cladding and floorings.

A Non-combustible multi-purpose application fibre-cement flat board. The Flexy board comes in various thicknesses for interior or exterior application. It maintains dimensional stability while giving good tensile and impact strength.

SheraDeco'board :

SheraDeco'board offers you the new sense of touch and vision to your boundless creativity with new textures. With 5 pioneer textures: Rocco, Stucco, Cassia, Cassiano and Blossom, it can gives you durability and functionality to match your innovative design.

Shera plank :

SHERA plank, is an ideal fiber cement siding from Mahaphant. It's a unique composite of natural fibers bonded tightly in a high-grade silicate structure. This autoclaved wood-grain fiber cement siding is a tough, yet flexible and dimensionally stable building material.

SHERA Plank is simple to handle and easy to install and is therefore suitable for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) segment. It is a fiber cement siding that requires very little maintenance and care. Therefore, it is the perfect fiber cement siding for any house that needs a simple, yet durable siding material. SHERA Plank comes in several sizes and textures to match your housing needs, making it easy to select your desired interior/exterior cladding materials. It is also a perfect solution for all wood-cladding houses that face a constant threat from termites and water damage since it possesses excellent properties of pest resistance, impact strength and water/moisture resistance.

Non - Asbestos Fibre Cement Boards
Eco Pro boards are manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, pozzolana superior grade of cellulose fibre and binders of siliceous base. While cement acts as a hydraulic binder,fibre add on to the bending strength of Eco Pro boards, by way of interlocking with cement and quartz matrix.
Cured by the autoclaving process under high temperature and pressure, Eco Pro board is an ideal material for today"s construction industry, which is increasingly inclined towards speedy and innovative designs. Eco Pro backs backs this up with advice on the selection, application, performance and installation of its "Multipurpose Boards & System".

Alex Panels is aAluminium Composite Panel (ACP), consisting of two layers of aluminium skins sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continous lamination process. Alex Panels uses the world renowned 'Kynar 500' resins for its exterior grades ensuring long color life and no fungal attacks. Long life colour retention is by Kynar 500/PVdF resins in exterior grade panels. The surface coating contains 70% PVdF resins. Alex Panels places industry's strictest tolerances during production, ensuring durable composite panels that stand the test of time.

Timex products are powered by precision, accuracy and durability. We believe that true quality lies in the details and we achieve perfection by following processes with great focus. Know more about the technical norms we adhere to for quality-perfect products.

Timex Bond has evolved over the years as a brand synomous to quality durability and innovation. Timex Bond is a leading manufacturer and exproter of Aluminium Composite Sheets, certified as per ISO standards. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and managed by internationaaly trained engineers, the products are at par with global standards and are high on design and style. TIMEX BOND is well –known name in the veneer and Plywood industry too.

Powered by a research and development team, TIMEX Groupaims at bringing the best technology in order to serve its high profile clientele with the best. Built on strong principles of trust, efficiency and effectiveness, the company is known for its prompt service and customer oriented conduct.


Alex shuttering ply is the one you need if you are concerned about the core foundation of your construction of any size and volume. This is the most elegant, durable, superior film faced, densified shuttering Ply. Nothing is more powerful to withstand any amount of load of concrete and the vibration caused by pouring the concrete. It is made under very high pressure that makes it dimensionally stable and structurally strongest. No wonder most of the builders are using Alex shuttering ply for maximum perfection possible.

Alex shuttering ply is manufactured as per specifications laid by BIS. It can be used widely in the construction of bridges, ships, all high ends building that need max-imum security, water tanks, cooling towers etc.

This film faced shuttering is the best for repeated use; it has a glossy mirror finish that makes the construction process easy, smooth and cheap. Nothing gives the value for your money like Alex does.

Staron Solid Surfaces

Practical is beautiful :

Think the kitchen in your dreams looks good? Wait until you're sitting in it. That's the beauty of Staron Solid Surfaces; they let you go wherever your imagination takes you, turning ambitious designs into fully-functional kitchens and bathrooms. Staron Solid Surfaces are made of 100% durable acrylic material and are extremely versatile. Add their hygienic qualities and you can see why Staron Solid Surfaces are so often the top choice for commercial spaces, medical applications and food service and preparation countertops.

Aesthetic :

Staron Solid Surfaces have imperceptible seams, which enables designers to integrate sinks, backsplashes, and countertops into a smooth, one-piece kitchen or bathroom system. Staron is also available in more than 70 colors to complement any decor.

Function :

Staron Solid Surfaces are remarkably practical. Our countertops are durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, and easily repairable. Staron is also non-porous material, so it resists bacteria, mold, and moisture from penetrating the surface. As a result, Staron Solid Surfaces are often used in medical facilities and commercial food preparation as well as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Introducing Tempest :

Some rooms speak louder than others. For a style that matches your unique taste, Tempest is the answer. A big part of the Staron Solid Surface family, Tempest surfaces have a semi-translucent quality, making them aesthetically similar to quartz with all the advantages of high-quality acrylic solid surface. Tempest colors feature unique, metallic-like particulate patterns adding remarkable depth to a countertop. Custom-fabricate Tempest into free-form countertops and tables, reception desks, wall surfaces or any other interior applications you can come up with. Your imagination is the only limit on how to use this versatile material.

Auto claved Aerated Concrete (AAC Blocks)

ECOLITE (blocks)

Build Strong. Live Green.

ECOLITE Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are made using Portland cement which is mixed with quartz (silica/PFA), water and an aeration agent, poured into a mould. The reaction between aeration agent and concrete causes millions of microscopic bubbles to form, expanding the concrete. That gives the blocks its unique properties. These blocks are then cut to size and formed by steam-curing in a pressurized chamber (autoclave). The result is a non-organic, non-toxic, airtight material that can be used for walling.

Ecolite blocks only look porous. Being a cellular structure, it actually blocks the capillary action, so water does not percolate unlike traditional bricks. Ecolite block features include structural capacity, thermal, fire, and acoustical resistance properties.

These blocks significantly outperform traditional bricks, fly ash bricks, conventional concrete blocks or poured concrete. Consistency in quality and colour can be obtained in Ecolite blocks. Ecolite layered exterior walls can be covered with a single exterior plaster cladding - enough to fight the exposure to physical damage, dirt and water. If installed in high humidity environments, interior finishes with low vapour permeability, and exterior finishes with a high permeability are recommended.

As a result of the thermal mass, Ecolite block's ability to store and release energy over time can be beneficial in climates where outdoor temperature fluctuates over a 24-hour period from above to below the indoor temperature conditioned air set point.

Superwin UPVC - Encraft Profile

Un Plasticide Polyvinide chloride Windows.

SuperWin UPVC Windows and Doors :

SuperWin specializes in designing, manufacture and installation of UPVC window and door systems. The company offers a delicate combination of style, strength and security in its range of customized contemporary designed products. This combination coupled with its precision in engineering makes SuperWin an expert in its field. SuperWin products conform to various Indian and British Standards.

Under a technical tie up with Ajay Industrial Corporation Ltd., SuperWin uses UPVC profiles with the brand name 'En Craft'. These innovatively fabricated profiles are designed to match Indian tropical conditions. They are extruded and tested to conform to the most stringent benchmarks. En Craft products are 'Lead-free'. En Craft is a member of Indian Green Building Council.

EN CRAFT utilizes the technical expertise of British Company WHS Halo, deriving the window technology from this British window solutions giant. The tremendous expertise of WHS Halo in design and manufacture of technically ingenious industrial products, gives SuperWin an edge in the overcrowded markets.

Flush Door:

Noble Pine Wood Flushdoor :

The Noble Flush door are manufactured with seasoned imported pine wood battens, Gurjan/Kuring 2.5mm thick core, A grade & imported face veneer and pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde and to meet BIS 2002 (Part I) 1983
The Noble Flush Doors are dimensionally stable, termite resistant, moisuture resistant and so durable , they last for generation.

Applications :

1) Seasoned pine wood, phenol formaldehyde resin and hot press process make Flush Door water proof, Weather proof and free from delamination and warping.

2) Dimensionally stable and extremely durable.

3) Chemically treated for resistant to termite

4) Ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor uses.

5) Smooth face veneer that suits any décor,whether the doors are painted or polished.

6) Excellent insulating properties. Keeps out heat and muffler sound effective.

7) Being extremely strong, they make every house or flat totally safe.


A new class of material made from special modified Synthetic Resins and renewable Natural Fibers, like Jute / Kanaf / Hemp fibers, designed for diversified use in building & construction, interiors / exteriors and furniture applications, etc. Tipwood today has been successfully implemented in many diversified application for us of buildings&construction,furniture and interiors & exteriors atnumerous location across india. As as unique material of construction, it beats traditionalmaterials like wood, aluminum, metal and fiberglass, with its unique features of hign strength, flame retardancy, UV resistance, low water absoption etc.